About Us

The League are a lively crew of multiply talented folks – performers, designers and creatives. For our live illustration we work in teams as small as 2 or 3, or as large as 4-6. Or you can work with us on illustration projects one on one.

Our Crew

Megan Salole

Megan loves to wear sequins in every professional situation. Her first career was in design and entrepreneurship. When she’s not doodling for a living, she is a creative strategist and mentor. BOOM!

Kelly Spencer

Kelly is an accomplished freelance letterer, illustrator, muralist and designer. With an incredible eye for detail she makes everything beautiful. She is hell-bent on hand lettering….everything. ZAP!

Yasmine El Orfi

Yasmine has one of those minds that loves to explode with creativity, and put things back together in a way that makes complete and utter sense. A trained illustrator, she’s also an award winning designer and creative strategist. Right now she is loving learning te Reo Māori. KAPOW!

Stephen Templer

Stephen is one of New Zealand’s most prolific illustrators. His style is iconic and playful. Talk about bringing ideas to life, Stevie T is larger than life! When he’s not illustrating he’s probably getting up to theatrical shenanigans. SHAZAM!

Rebeka Whale

Beka brings play and delight into group work, encouraging fresh thinking and deepening the engagement and experience people have. She is a theatre and experience designer, artist, maker and facilitator. THWACK!

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