Live Illustration

“[The League] have an extraordinary ability to capture the emotion and essence of what goes on in pictures and words that are equally as beautiful. The synopsis that they boiled down was really something else…”


How it Works

Live illustration is great – it’s magical quality draws people in, creating engagement and vibe. Going beyond translating words into pictures to create engaging, stand-alone art works. People get to see their ideas coming to life before their eyes. It is incredibly entertaining and inclusive.

All our live work is handdrawn. We can work in a variety of ways, on paper, canvas, large scale on walls, windows, bus stops; or digitally on an ipad which can be projected either to a live audience or virtually online. The possibilities are endless.

Once drawn your live illustrations can be shared via social media or used as a document of your event either in print or digital communications. If you want to take them further after your event you can also select specific illustrations to work up.

Talk to us and we can tailor the right experience and medium for your event. We also have some capacity for reo Māori. Please let us know if this is a requirement.

Real Time

Bringing ideas & voices to life as it happens.


Bringing Your audience feel heard and understood

Deep & Thoughful

Your illustrations have depth – we listen thoughtfully and synthesis

Complex Made Simple

Communicate complex ideas and wide ranging discussions simply

Engaging & Shareable

You can share engaging illustrations of your event afterwards


It is joyful and fun adding magic to your event. Play helps solve problems.

Case Studies

Hui a Tau

Live Illustrated Virtual Hui

Medical Assurance Society Conference

Live illustrated Conference with Video Projection

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori – Te Papa

Large scale live illustration

Hui Whakaoranga

Live In-Person Hand Drawn & Virtual

Noku Te Ao

Live Illustrated hui with Illustrated Video


Virtual Live Illustration & Illustrated Video

Lombard Lane Live Mural

Live Illustrated Mural

Karaka Kōpī – Zealandia

Live Illustrated Virtual Hui

E Tū Whānau Poutokomanawa

Live Illustrated Virtual Hui

Carbon Zero

Live Illustrated Video & Campaign

Lets Clear The Air Campaign

Live Illustrated Video & Campaign

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