Carbon Zero

Live Illustrated Video & Campaign


Watching a timelapse of an illustration being made is mesmerising, like watching the flickering flames of a fire. It’s hard to look away from. Which is why it makes a great addition to an engagement video like this one about Carbon Zero. 

We worked alongside Wonderlab to create a large mural which captured the thoughts and ideas of the community about how we  respond to climate change. The illustration visualises two possible futures one if we carry on with business and one if we act. It was all captured by timelapse video and edited and recorded by Wonderlab. 

Parts of the illustration were also printed in the reports and also overlaid onto photography. Weaving the community voices through the entire campaign.


Illustrated Video

Animated videos created from our digital art, or timelapse recordings of us drawing on walls, paper and other surfaces.

Large Scale

Drawing big on walls, windows, busstops is our thing too. If it can be drawn on we'll draw on it.

Live In-Person

Created live in the room while the conversations are happening, ideas are flowing and atmosphere is being soaked up.

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