Virtual Live Illustration & Illustrated Video

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#Untethered2020 was a seminal undertaking for the meeting and events industry across America. The online event was put together in 6 short weeks in response to  Covid-19 decimating in-person events and conferences. The industry needed a safe space to innovate, experiment and explore new solutions. 

As the event founder Allie Maygar of Hubb says “A one-way webinar is not an event”

Hubb created an online platform, designed to look like the interior of a convention center, as a way of presenting a new way for planners to develop virtual events. The League had their own “stall” and were able to offer consultations with event planners on how to integrate illustration into their virtual offerings. 

We created animations for the Keynote speakers that could be played at the event and used to promote the event online to increase attendance and engagement.

We came back in 2021 to live illustrate “The Long Conversation” live virtual over Zoom.

If you want to put on a virtual event and want to create a rich and engaging experience for participants, get in touch.


Digital Art

Digital illustration created on an Ipad Pro – can be projected-live, printed or shared online. It is able to be refined until it is perfect.

Illustrated Video

Animated videos created from our digital art, or timelapse recordings of us drawing on walls, paper and other surfaces.


Digital illustration projected live into the video call. Adding magic to online hui.

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Live In-Person Hand Drawn & Virtual


Virtual Live Illustration & Illustrated Video

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