Biodiversity Strategy

Strategic Illustration


Illustration is a powerful tool for building alignment and bringing a vision to life. That is why it is so perfect for visualising strategy. Particularly when that strategy needs to be communicated widely. 

This image created for the Department of Conservation works wonderfully as an image people can unify around or as a jumping off point for discussing different perspectives on or aspects of the mission at hand. The illustration was created in both Te Reo and English.

Developed from a live illustration and drawn digitally the illustration was initially used in the printed strategy. But wouldn’t it make a great T shirt or even a flag. The possibilities are endless.


Digital Art

Digital illustration created on an Ipad Pro – can be projected-live, printed or shared online. It is able to be refined until it is perfect.

Live In-Person

Created live in the room while the conversations are happening, ideas are flowing and atmosphere is being soaked up.

Strategy in a Picture

Visualising strategy in clear and engaging pictures. Bringing strategic vision to life and creating alignment internally.

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