Far North 2050 Strategy

Strategic Illustration


The Far North District Council engaged us to be their visual thinking partners to bring a 100 year strategy to life and help them engage with citizens and stakeholders. In the past, they have experienced relatively low levels of participation from across their rohe. The lower rates of literacy and low engagement required a highly visual  approach to their public-facing communications. 

The 100 year plan was converted into a series of cartoons, showing each rohe within the region transforming into a local ‘solutions economy’.  They visualised food production and supply, care of water and other natural resources and the creation of a more healthy, active and connected population grounded in strong identity and culture.

The illustrations  have been well received internally and by the public, and are being used as consultation aides with the public and key stakeholders. They have been rendered in a lively, sketchy way they can be easily changed to reflect feedback from the engagement processes.   People get to see that the council are listening, which has helped build trust.


Digital Art

Digital illustration created on an Ipad Pro – can be projected-live, printed or shared online. It is able to be refined until it is perfect.

Strategy in a Picture

Visualising strategy in clear and engaging pictures. Bringing strategic vision to life and creating alignment internally.

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