GWRC Whaitua Illustrations

Strategic Illustration


There is a lot to discover in these illustrations – like one of those detailed “Find a” pictures – these drawings are a view of our city through water and our impact on it. 

Illustrative facilitation techniques were used to develop and draw out  the subject matter for the illustrations. Starting with a workshop we then developed themes and the detail of the city. Turning the words of the participants into a visual map. The themes were turned into set of icons which are snapshots from the map to give context. The result is a comprehensive set of illustrations that are true to the thoughts, ideas and words of the people behind them. 

Initially used in the report for the strategy, there are plans to put them online and possibly develop them into a street campaign.



Custom designed processes using illustration as a collaborative tool. On projects, in workshops or at events.

Content Synthesis

We capture the content and synthesise it turning it into a visual treat that is easily digestible.

Creative Direction

Creative direction to develop a style and concept to bring extra impact to your project or campaign.

Digital Art

Digital illustration created on an Ipad Pro – can be projected-live, printed or shared online. It is able to be refined until it is perfect.

Strategy in a Picture

Visualising strategy in clear and engaging pictures. Bringing strategic vision to life and creating alignment internally.

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