Te Waihanga Infrastructure Commission


You may not expect the Infrastructure Commission to like pretty pictures, but given the complicated and technical nature of their work they have taken a highly visual approach to communicating ideas and strategy. 

The Infrastructure Commission use illustrations extensively through every domain of their business;  internally, for stakeholders and to communicate with the general public.They have involved us in a live event – a hui for key stakeholders where they were collaboratively exploring and developing strategy and gathering input. We digitally illustrated the content from the back of the room and it was projected on a split screen at the front, speaker presentations on one side, and the live illustration of the other.

We have since gone on to turn their strategy into imagery. We took a highly complex and seemingly disparate array of infrastructure activities and pulled them together into a comprehensive, nested, unified visual. This sense-making is a highly valuable process, not just for communicating externally, but for developing alignment and deepening understanding within the business. 


Digital Art

Digital illustration created on an Ipad Pro – can be projected-live, printed or shared online. It is able to be refined until it is perfect.

Live In-Person

Created live in the room while the conversations are happening, ideas are flowing and atmosphere is being soaked up.

Strategy in a Picture

Visualising strategy in clear and engaging pictures. Bringing strategic vision to life and creating alignment internally.

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